Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only 10 days left:

So, the countdown is in full effect.  There are only 10 days until Christmas, and only 2 more school days until winter break.  So, I have put together our family's list of activities for the next 10 days to help me stay organized.

Wednesday (today):  Sew together the doll I have knit for my niece from the fabulous book Babes in the Wool by Fiona McDonald.  Visit Fiona's blog where you can see these beautiful dolls for yourself.  I have already sewn the body together and included the belly button and even buttocks.  Next I will be sewing on the arms and legs.

I have knit one dress for the doll already and hope to make a bikini for her as well in the next day.  

Look at that cute belly button!
To come in the next 10 days:  homemade granola to gift, homemade peppermint bark to gift, and homemade chocolate/ fruit squares.  Plus, a family favorite: sour cherry oatmeal cookies!!  Stay tuned!


  1. Very nice Dana! Beware- I have found blogging to be highly addictive!