Friday, December 17, 2010

Gifts With Meaning

This year I have decided to gift as many "homemade" gifts as possible.  Many of you know that I have been knitting up a storm since moving to Wisconsin in August.  This has supplied goodies for all of the teachers in both Logan and Rose's schools.  We will be spending the next 8 days cooking and crafting up a storm to finish the rest of our gifts from the hearts and hands of our family.  In addition to the gifts that we will be making ourselves, we have also purchased some amazing gifts from some crafty friends of ours.

One such friend is Amy from Pony & Poppy.  Amy is a really dear friend that has been part of our lives for at least 8 years.  She has always had an amazing eye for design and used to awe us with her beautiful paper goods.  A couple years back, she expanded her vision to include apparel and linens.  Her items are lovingly screen printed by hand using her own designs.  Her Etsy site has gotten so popular that she has even been featured in Cottage and Bungalow's Dec. magazine.  We have included her items in every gift we have given so far this holiday season and the feedback has been so positive that I thought I should pass her info on to all of you.  Here is the link to her Etsy shop:  Ponny and Poppy

Here are pictures of my favorite items that she makes:
Pie Please. Vintage Striped Tea Towel.Cuckoo for You. Cuckoo Clock Tea Towel.

Remember that a gift made by hand carries so much love in it.  Enjoy crafting and shopping!    

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  1. Dana. Wow. Thank you kindly for such sweetness! I am so looking forward to following your blog!