Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crap.... down to 9 days! Where did it all go?!

Okay, I spent my day yesterday trying to get our schedule down (on bright orange post it notes) for the days up to Christmas.  My main fear is that I will end up forgetting something important (like picking up Logan from school...) as my brain gets crowded with all of these other non important items.

I find that I sometimes have to take a deep breath and remember that every second is an opportunity to create a memory that my family will fondly look back on.  Let's be honest, holidays are surrounded by stress and the memories are created regardless.  I don't want my children's memories to be filled with a stressed out mom.  For me, the bright orange notes will help me stay stress free.

On the agenda for today.... finish stuffing and sewing up this doll, taking a nice hot shower, going grocery shopping, and at least starting my next knit project (a cashmere scarf for a very special person).  What are you all doing as the holidays approach?  


  1. You would love this calendar Post-It makes. Each week is a 12x18 sheet (on a pad) with 4 rows (one for everyone in the family? at my house it's Kristin, Jim, both, other). Then each day has a box that a small Post-It fits perfectly into. On the side are a bunch of these notes. I'm not describing it well but here's a link
    I'm hoping to feel up to being crafty again before the holidays but I think I'll keep it small. Maybe some ornaments.

  2. thanks Kristin! I will add that to my personal wish list ;) Rest up!