Monday, April 4, 2011

*From the Earth We Are Born*

There is nothing like the smell and feel of soil.  I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share this beauty with our kids as we continue on this house building journey.    

As this process continues, I am constantly amazed at how the house is not the only thing being created in this space.  Our family is being created and reborn at the same time.  This build has helped us to make a conscious choice about the family we are going to be within these walls.  As a society we have no problem criticizing other's ways of life, but we don't often truly stop to meditate on our own lives and how we daily have the choice and opportunity to do things differently.  These past 8 months have given us that type of opportunity, and we are not letting it pass us by.  We are different now, we are more grounded now.  *From the Earth, We Are Born*  

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