Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I sit in this corner.  This has become my own little space in the midst of our transition to our "forever home".  I have come to really love this corner.  I sit in a chair that reminds me of a dear friend back in Florida.  It's sturdy arms remind me of the foundation of friends I have there.  Even with many miles between us, and many weeks/ months between warm phone conversations, I still know that they are part of my personal foundation.  I *expect* that once we move in to our home... I will miss this little corner.
My little corner is located at the end of this beautiful old farm table that we found for a bargain at an antique store here not long after we moved.  It's boards are old and weathered.  The finish has been lovingly worn off by it's previous life.  I *expect* that I will find myself sitting at this table in the large open kitchen/ living space of our new home more often than I will find myself locked away in my office/ craft room that I am so thoughtfully designing right now.  This table has a future of many family meals being eaten on it, many piles of glitter being dumped on it during craft projects, and many game nights filled with giggles.
My calendar has so perfectly labeled this month *expect*.  Spring is here and full of new beginnings.  I just got off the phone with our builder who has stated that they are marking our lot for the excavation and that they *expect* to have it fully excavated by this time next week.  As my mind spends most of it's time worrying about the faucets and trying to find the best price on the apron sink I am determined to have... I have to remind myself that too many *expectations* prevent me from enjoying the present moment of just sitting in my warm little corner in my sturdy chair.  

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